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Impulse SprinklerI showed up at my local hardware store, broken sprinkler in hand, expecting the worst. Worst being a full refund of my money but no way to water my grass as I had the last one of the kind I needed. Eric helped me with the return but did something very unexpected: rather than just give me back my cash he made a strong recommendation.

Not once did he leave to talk to a manager, nor did he know how often I shop at this store because no personal information had been shared yet. Interestingly, he made a counter offer: he would give me the next level up of hardware at 25% off. Shed half the profit to make a customer happy? Yes please. That’s not something that I would expect from any place, at least, not any place where employees aren’t fully enabled to act in best interest for the customer.

What struck me was the confidence and deliberateness of the offer. Eric didn’t need to be told it was okay to make me a stronger customer. He wasn’t directed in how to “sweeten” the deal in hopes of securing a sale. He acted on his own regard.

How can we build up our co-workers and employees to feel fully enabled to act in a way they see fit? What are the ways to construct confidence and competence in creating the best results for our customers?

How do you facilitate a fully enabled team?

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