About Spenser

What I tell the world: I’m a pragmatic and engaging leader with 16+ years of proven leadership in a gamut of senior roles centered around applied business strategy through client relationships, team management, P&L oversight, and product innovation.

What I tell myself: You’ve done a lot but there’s more to learn. Let’s get it.


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Spenser is one of the most kind and genuine leaders I have ever worked with. His ability to lead others with compassion and truth is refreshing. It is clear to me that he has the ability to gather information, form his own opinion and take action.

— UX Lead, Merck Companies

Spenser, as a leader, is intelligent, objective, resourceful and approachable. His openness to ideas encourages members of his team to provide input that can help the organization and its clients achieve better results.

— Director, RingCentral

Spenser’s leadership style is focused on the growth of the people he works with. He is intensely focused on integrity and this comes through in his leadership. He keeps client outcomes top of mind, and this drives the way he approaches any sales opportunity.

— Sr. Strategist, Collective Measures