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I worked with Spenser for about 5 years and always held him in high respect. His leadership style is deliberate and focused on the growth of the people he works with. He is intensely focused on integrity, and this comes through not only his leadership, but also his approach to sales. He keeps client goals top of mind, and this drives the way he approaches any sales opportunity.

Tyler Weber SEO Senior Planner at Collective Measures | Performance Marketing

I have had the opportunity to work with Spenser for almost 8 years and have witnessed firsthand his skills in sales, technology, and leadership. Spenser tackles each of these areas with commitment to innovation and a mindset of “how can I best serve the person on the other end of this conversation?

Abby Herman Director of Strategy at Snap Agency

Spenser’s mastery for both his core role, and the projects that extend beyond it, have been imperative to the company. I've seen him quickly take on new responsibilities, immediately trying to solve the problem rather than just defining it. He brings integrity and intelligence to his work which has made Snap much more agile and adaptable. In addition to his extensive vocabulary, he is someone I went to regularly for trust and guidance as my mentor. He helped me mature my own leadership skills along with supporting me on multiple occasions.

Chelsey Maas Creative Director at Modern Climate

Would recommend Spenser on his abilities in meeting client needs from start to finish. This includes client discovery, managing staff on preparing an effective solution, assisting in presenting that solution to clients and stake holders, and integrity in getting the project completed as promised. Great communicator and can explain technical issues and presents information in a sequential logical fashion. Meets deadlines and great leader around the office.

Tom McCullough Partner Relations at Diversion Solutions, Executive Director at Verus House, Partner Relations CCTP at A&P Construction

Spenser is one of the most kind and genuine leaders I have ever worked with. His ability to lead others with compassion and truth is refreshing. It is clear to me that he has the ability to gather information, form his own opinion and take action. I alway know where I stand with Spenser and for me as the employee that is all I will ever ask from the leaders in my life.

Brenna Cromley R&D UX/UI Design Specialist at Merck

Spenser is one of the most dedicated and intelligent individuals that I've had the pleasure of knowing. His ability to think logically, work efficiently, and grow relationships with those around him is a direct reflection of the success that he has and will continue to experience.

Adam Berres Realtor at Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

Spenser is the epitome of a leader, he is one of the most dedicated professionals I have had the privilege to work with. As a leader, Spenser was very organised and goal-oriented, however he always included the team’s inputs into the process. He always inspired confidence and knew how to push you towards your best abilities. It was very easy to communicate with Spenser because he honestly was interested in what you have to say. I think because of this ability, it was so effortless to come to Spenser with any question or idea. Having Spenser as a boss gave me valuable lessons for my future career experiences.

Sanda Brighidin Department Manager at Saint Laurent

Since I started working with Spenser I was impressed by his eloquence and calmness under pressure. He creates an environment with his management style that makes people want to great things, but where there is room to be creative. I've learned a ton from him and his style of steady leadership, and look forward to more successful projects together.

Tim Brown 🎣 🔎Websites+Search Marketing for Contractors🛠

Working with Spenser was such a great opportunity, the way he is constantly thinking outside of the box and the approach that he takes to achieving more is really incredible. He is excellent at listening and being able to give feedback to a slew of topics. The way that he interacts with all of the employees is really refreshing, and his communication with others is excellent.

Josh Bray Financial Systems Analyst at Fish & Richardson P.C.

Spenser is a very intelligent leader and a genuine coworker. At my first job post college, I was lucky enough to have a boss like Spenser. He taught me to make bold business decisions, internet marketing tactics and how to approach leadership within an organization. I appreciated Spenser's honest feedback most as well as his aptitude to push individuals towards team and personal goals. He cares so much about his employees and their success. I'm thankful I received the opportunity to work with Spenser and I hope I get the opportunity to work for him again in the future.

Abigail Meixelsperger Customer Experience | Product Strategy

Spenser is an excellent leader to work for because of his ability to recognize your strengths and his ability to push you to produce the best work possible in a positive environment. Spenser has a genuine vested interest in his employees that truly shows every day at work. This professional relationship was very important to me to grow as a young professional. The ability to have an open conversation that would produce positive results with a direct superior was something I have not experienced in past work environments. Spenser is constantly observing and monitoring how we can improve our work for ourselves and for our client’s bottom line. I'm thankful for the advice and feedback I gained from the two years working for and learning from Spenser. I would gladly work with him again in the future and recommend him for serving as a leader for any future digital marketing endeavors.

Caitlin Hannah Social Media Strategist at Explore Minnesota Tourism

I have been working with Spenser's team for almost a year and what amazes me the most about it is the dynamics he has cultivated and the culture of excellence throughout the company hierarchy. Spenser, as a leader, is intelligent, objective, resourceful and approachable. His openness to ideas encourages members of his team to provide input that can help the organization and its clients achieve better results. I look forward to working more with Spenser in the years to come.

Dan Ronatay Associate Director at RingCentral

Spenser was one of the best leaders I have worked for. He has a rare talent that brings out the best work in his employees. Aside from focusing on getting projects accomplished he is able to get the team to work together on producing the best results possible. Not only is Spenser a great leader of employees but of the company as well. He is not satisfied with the status quo and is constantly looking for ways to improve production for the benefit of the company and clients. With all of that said, I would definitely be glad to have Spenser as a boss again.

Da Hee Kim CalArts MFA Candidate Film & Video

I would highly recommend Spenser for anything that has to do with the internet or websites. This guy really knows his stuff, and can answer your questions in regular-guy-speak without making you feel silly. He is extremely knowledgeable, yet doesn't come across as a know-it-all. In fact, his professionalism and mature attitude is way beyond that of many of his peers. Spenser is someone you can trust will do what he says, when he says he will do it.

Kurt Felt GM at The Palace Theater in the Dells

Honestly, Spenser is one of the best manager's I've ever had because: 1) He's great at recognizing your strengths, pointing them out and encouraging you to strengthen them even more. 2) He gives straight to the point, honest feedback and, as any good manager does, tells you what he thinks you should do to improve next time. 3) Not only listens, but trusts his employees enough to let them execute their good ideas. Spenser is wise beyond his years and extremely dedicated to his work, but most importantly his employees. I will forever be grateful for his feedback to help me grow as a manager and leader.

Shawnee Huie Rental Specialist

Spenser is a great collaborative developer who was able to dive into a project already underway and make immediate progress even with an unfamiliar set of backend and server technologies. He understands how to get things done in a fast paced and changing environment and he never hesitated to reach out when he needed further information or expertise in a specific technology or framework. I would definitely work with Spenser again.

Keith Vanderpool Front-end development. Lately with Angular 8, .NET Core, RxJS

Spenser consistently goes above and beyond in his role as Developer and Webmaster at Probus OneTouch. In addition to handling all development responsibilities for multiple Magento e-commerce sites, he is also a driving force in cross-functional strategies spanning from SEO to marketing initiatives around conversion optimization and user-focused site design. Spenser's team player mentality and communication skills make him a go-to resource across the company. He shows a great deal of integrity in his work, always recognizing what's right for the company and putting effort into scalable solutions for complex issues. Spenser is integral to our organization and a joy to work with, and I'm happy to recommend him and his work.

Kristi Boesen Digital Analyst experienced in Marketing Analytics & Insights, Business Intelligence and Segmentation

Spenser is not afraid of a new challenge. His ability to dive into new technologies is perhaps only matched by his adept sociability and charisma. He combines technical know-how with an eye for design and adherence to best practices. While working at General Mills with Spenser, he was tasked to work with technologies that were beyond his comfort zone when he started. He was not afraid to ask questions, work with others or do what was necessary to get the job done right. For his ability to learn quickly, adapt to large challenges and to uplift others, I am happy to recommend Spenser.

Adam Terlson Software Engineer | Team Lead | Critical Thinker | Wannabe Public Speaker

Spenser is a dexterous and amicable individual, who creates an edifying work environment for those around him. He ensures the wellbeing of his subordinates and is well-respected by colleagues and supervisors. He leads by example and has a talent for recognizing and amplifying the strengths of others. Working under Spenser was truly a privilege. During strenuous and unpleasant circumstances, he maintains his composure and remains professional at all times. His competence, diligence, enthusiasm for knowledge and the ease with which he can connect to others make him a valuable addition to any organization.

Breana Jones, MS, LPC Director of Outpatient Services at UBH Denton


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